Like/Dislike Audio slideshows

I like:

I liked this audio slideshow right from the get-go. The images are beautiful — rich in color and detail — and the music is haunting and atmospheric. From the bells that chime at the start to the chanting and singing in the background throughout, I felt sucked into the story. The introductory narration is fresh and engages the viewer. I love the narrator’s description of the dance moves and inclusion of historical events and facts. The young dancer’s interview is sweet. Though the slideshow is slow moving, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the dancer’s faces, hands and feet. I was entranced by the images of the feet and faces. The end shot of the temple is perfectly powerful. It’s awesome and a little ironic that I was moved by still pictures of people moving.

I didn’t like as much:

I was pleased to find an audio slideshow that I did not like on a similar topic as the one that I did like. I actually found this one first and stopped after about 10-15 seconds. The introduction was dull and the photos didn’t capture my attention. When I went back to watch it in its entirety, I realized most of the shots were medium and wide, whereas in the audio slideshow I liked, there were many tight shots. It increased my attachment to the story and heightened my emotion. Comparing the two, it really makes me understand how images and audio make or break a story. I can also see how being creative with the script (facts/stories/freshness) and images (angles/content/depth) is important.


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