Brick + Mortar Makes Its Home On Main Street

The food at B+M emulates art, with each dish becoming prettier than the next. (Ximena Herschberg/Neon Tommy)

It’s hard to find Brick + Mortar; so the packed tables must mean good food.

Located on Main Street in Santa Monica, behind Ben & Jerry’s, the gastropub is adjacent to the Edgemar Center for the Arts. The two hidden spots rely on word-of-mouth and advertising for business. Keeping customers, however, is another story. Brick + Mortar does not seem to be having problems with repeat business.

According to one amiable server, Salute, the previous wine bar occupying this space, closed it doors on Jan. 29. Just a short stint later, Brick + Mortar had completely renovated opening on Feb 9. Inside, the high ceilings and impressive size of the room give it a wide-open feel, making it great for groups. It’s hard to determine why one restaurant fails and another makes it, and harder still to predict success. Delicious food certainly increases the odds. B+M doesn’t just deliver dishes to your table; I call it food art.

Starting with a puffy pizza dough loaf and a pot of hummus …

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