Roussève and grimes Reach for the Stardust at REDCAT


“Stardust” by David Roussève/REALITY. Photo by Valerie Oliveiro.

“Stardust” by David Roussève/REALITY. Photo by Valerie Oliveiro.

David Roussève is in a particularly good mood, sitting in his office in UCLA’s Glorya Kaufman Hall about 10 days before his latest work, Stardust, has its very first viewing at REDCAT as part of the Radar L.A. festival. Or maybe he always begins his sentences will a joyful burst of laughter.

The 53-year-old, Alpert Award-winning director-choreographer is speaking about d. Sabela grimes, who not only composed original music but also crafted an ongoing layer of sound design for the entire work. “He’s one of my favorite people on the planet,” Roussève says. “He’s so talented, and what a nice and incredibly evolved guy.”

“This is a really heady piece in its own way,” says Roussève. “I’m trying to conduct a social and intellectual conversation, but also it’s meant to communicate with you on the level of the heart. Sabela takes in both of those dialogues…It’s very hard to describe what he does. It’s so idiosyncratic and unique to him.”

Stardust is a coming-of-age story for the electronic age about a 16-year-old gay, African-American boy who, according to Roussève, “is trying to find something more than the violence and chaos he’s facing.” …

Read full article at LA Stage Times

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