Santa Monica Sweets Shop Aims to Offer a Better Kind of Candy


Courtesy of A Real Treat

Vanessa Hughes loves candy. Hers is the sort of passion that can make someone search out a sweet shop while honeymooning in Barcelona, which she did. Her obsession was sparked by her father, and she has since passed it on to her 7-year-old daughter, Bailey.

“I have a lot of childhood memories with candy,” Hughes says. “But when my daughter began eating my candy, I started thinking more about what it was made with.”

Hughes and her husband began to look around for “better” candy options, mainly those made with no corn syrup or artificial colors. To their surprise, they found limited options — although they were really good — and they mostly were available online only. So Hughes, who had a bowl of candy on every desk when she worked in daytime television and healthcare marketing communications, suggested to her husband that they open a pop-up candy store that stocked goodies free of artificial flavors and colors, dyes, refined sugars and many common allergens. …

Read the full article at LA Weekly.

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