Breakfast after Dark


Photo by Alen Lin

Nighthawk reinvents the most important meal of the day with breakfast burgers, drunken French toast and spiked cereal milk

Venice residents circa the late ‘70s and early ‘80s may remember strolling down the boardwalk toward the red, white and blue sign of Lafayette Coffee Shop. Heading to this favorite breakfast spot was a daily ritual for some and a weekend treat for families. It was a hang for just about every colorful character who called this eclectic community home.

Jeremy Fall may not remember the Lafayette, but he’s the mastermind behind a new beachside diner — this one focused more on evenings out than early mornings: Nighthawk Breakfast Bar.

Serving a.m.-inspired grub until after midnight every day of the week, Nighthawk set up on Washington Boulevard (in the spot where Le Cellier once offered Gallic-Southeast Asian fare) on Aug. 11 after a run in Hollywood that ended in May.

“We had this location on our horizons before we closed,” says Fall, who lived in the Venice Canals 15 years ago, before it was hip. “I always wanted to open by the beach. This concept feels very California to me: a laidback, cool, comfort-food experience. Venice screamed the epitome of that California culture I was trying to capture.” …

Read the full article at The Argonaut.

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