Top 10 Summer Treats


Photo by Emily Hart Roth

Summer is all about fun under the sun, which makes it equally important to cool off. Restaurants in and around Playa Vista are there to help with lighter fare, thirst-quenching cocktails and, of course, frozen concoctions that will bring out the kid in everyone.

Authentic Shave Ice @ Da Kikokiko

Not to be confused with shaved ice (aka snow cones, usually made from crushed ice), the shave ice at Da Kikokiko is the real Hawaiian deal. The ice is shaved right behind the counter while you watch, then it’s your job to choose the syrup (such as lemon-lime and blackberry), toppings (such as sour spray and dried plum powder), and fillings (like mocha and fresh lychee). Add small-batch ice cream on the bottom if you like.

Sunshine Smoothie @ Hal’s Bar & Grill

Hal’s has been born again in Runway at Playa Vista, and this time there’s a juice and smoothie bar. With a name like Sunshine, it’s hard to imagine ordering a more perfect drink with summer brunch. The kale, fresh apple juice, banana and lime combo can be an energizing appetizer before diving into the delicious eggs benedict or popular turkey burger.

Read the full article at Playa Vista Direct.

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