Natural Wine and Plant-Based Plates

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to more than a few unexpected things. One much-needed pleasant surprise is the proliferation of pop-ups.

Photo Credit: Only the Wild Ones

“In 2020, we were able to do a pop-up for De Buena Planta in a parking lot,” said Heather Tierney, founder of The Butcher’s Daughter, of the plant-based Mexican concept across Abbot Kinney that opened on Labor Day in 2020. “It was a way to get creative.”

Tierney is popping up once again with Only the Wild Ones, a natural wine bar on Abbot Kinney next door to The Butcher’s Daughter where The Other Room once operated. The landlord of the building, who also owns The Butcher’s Daughter and De Buena Planta’s properties, is in the process of converting it to retail space, but it’s a long process. Tierney has the go-ahead for her pop-up until the space is converted and a retail tenant moves in.

The pandemic and Abbot Kinney’s high rents have made Tierney a big proponent of pop-ups.

“Landlords on Abbot Kinney are holding out for ridiculous rents, so if anyone sees an empty storefront, it’s an opportunity to launch something,” she said. …

Read the full article at The Argonaut.

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