Taylor Boudreaux of Napa Valley Grille: On His Table + Yours for dineLA 2013

Taylor Boudreaux and Satsumas

Taylor Boudreaux and Satsumas

“The smoother the skin, the juicer the pulp, especially with limes and lemons,” says Taylor Boudreaux, the chef at Westwood’s Napa Valley Grille. Boudreaux is walking around the Original Farmers Market at Third and Fairfax, picking up produce. It’s not his usual shopping spot, but Boudreaux is a busy man, and not just in the kitchen.

The second week of January was occupied by jury duty and at the end of the third week he was in the Bahamas for the Tavistock Top Chef Semifinal Competition at Tavistock’s Albany Resort. Fortunately, he’s back just in time for dineLA 2013.

Starting today and running through Feb. 1, people who love to eat out can experience more (and new) restaurants for less. Napa Valley Grille is one of over 200 restaurants participating in the 12-day dining event.

Real full article at LAWeekly.com

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