Give It Up for Eggslut


Photo by Emily Hart Roth

One quick look at its Instagram account and you’ll know why Eggslut is the app’s fourth-most photographed restaurant in the nation: appetizing image after scrumptious picture of melted cheese, juicy sausage and chewy bacon. It’s enough to make anybody’s mouth water.

Now Eggslut has arrived in Venice, a once humble food truck occupying prime brick-and-mortar real estate a stone’s throw from Windward Circle.

When Chef Alvin Cailan saw a biker slam into a car door because he was trying to snap a photo of the truck, he thought to himself, “Yeah, this is going to work.” This was back in 2011, and Cailan and his cousin Jeff Vales, who were roommates at the time, had decided to revolutionize breakfast-on-the-go with a mobile sandwich food truck. They painted the name Eggslut on the side.

“I came up with the name on Friday, Jeff had the logo ready on Friday night, and we got the truck on Monday,” says Cailan, who’s now the co-owner of three Eggslut locations, with a fourth scheduled to open in Glendale later this year.

The original Eggslut was an old white truck with a griddle and grill, and they called it Old Bessie. They opened for business in front of the Intelligentsia in Silver Lake and then moved to Fairfax in Mid-City.

Then, according to food legend, in January 2012, Ruth Reichl of Gourmet magazine ordered the Slut …

Read the full article at The Argonaut.

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