Dumplings of Desire


Photo by Erica Allen

“Alot of people ask, ‘Are you going to get a sign?’” says James Kim, owner of ROC, a new Chinese restaurant in Runway at Playa Vista.

It’s unusual for a restaurant to forgo signage. But, according to Kim, this wasn’t a deliberate decision. His first location, which opened in 2012 on Sawtelle Boulevard, doesn’t have a sign either.

While the name ROC (pronounced R-O-C) doesn’t stand for anything in particular, Kim’s culinary concept is clear: He wants to serve all types of his favorite Chinese food under one roof.

“With Chinese food, you typically have to go to different restaurants to get certain dishes, like soup dumplings or scallion pancakes,” he says. “I wanted to bring everything I liked into one restaurant.”

Which means you can order soup dumplings, a scallion pancake, crab fried rice and a beef roll — all in one place. …

Read the full article at Playa Vista Direct.

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