A Kitchen with a Mission


Photo by Emily Hart Roth

Yellow Fever: The phrase has some pretty negative connotations attached to it. But Chef Kelly Kim has plans to change that, one Asian bowl at a time.

After years of working in corporate sales and marketing research, Kim decided to turn her after-hours passion of cooking and catering into a career. After all, she had watched her Korean dad open and run three Texas BBQ restaurants in Houston.

“I was the oldest daughter of my family,” explains Kim. “My dad worked all of time, and I was in charge of feeding my two stepsisters. My dad would bring home leftover brisket and homemade sausage links.”

Kim is not a classically trained cook. But she’s very sure of what she likes to eat — and how to make it — and started her venture from an innovative idea: an Asian version of Chipotle.
Her Asian bowls top a base of rice, noodles or greens with recipes inspired by Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Hawaiian and Californian cuisine, each with its own artisanal sauce and various customizable toppings. …

Read the full article at The Argonaut.

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