Ghisallo serves up authentic wood-fired pizza

Mark Meyuhas and Bruce Horwitz are quite deliberate when they pick a street on which to open a restaurant. In 2009, they launched The Tasting Kitchen on Abbot Kinney, serving contemporary Italian with a focus on farm to table. And in Fall 2021 they opened Ghisallo, a wood-fired pizza kitchen on Santa Monica’s Ocean Park Boulevard. 

Photo credit: Derrick Reed

But the two restaurateurs don’t just pick locations based on popularity. They both live on the Westside with their families, and they also consider community. 

“We love Santa Monica,” Horwitz said. “It has been a welcoming community from day one. We wanted to open a restaurant that the community could make their own. There is a natural gravity to independent, small business in Santa Monica that doesn’t exist in all communities.” …

Read the full article at The Argonaut.

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